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At Ramey Veterinary Hospital our top priority is keeping your furry, family members happy, healthy, and safe while you are away from home. When your pets stay with us, you are boarding them with the full services of a veterinary hospital, along with a qualified veterinarian and pet healthcare team on board.

Nobody likes to leave their dog or cat home alone when they are away for a vacation or for any other reason. That’s why we take special care to create a space that is like a home away from home, complete with individualized attention and tender loving care. At Ramey Veterinary Hospital, we make every effort to ensure that your pet’s needs are met. You can choose to have services such as a bath, or a medical procedure done during their stay, and we will make sure it happens.

We offer separate climate controlled quarters for dogs and cats to help minimize stress and anxiety. Our canine guests are supplied with indoor kennels and we also have generous sized runs to accommodate large dogs. They are walked three times a day so they can take care of business, play, and be happy. Cats are housed in Shoreline cages with a view to an outdoor window. They receive pets and attention several times a day to keep them purring.

We furnish everything needed to make your pet’s stay comfortable, however you may bring food from home in a labeled container, as well as a bed, blanket, and toys if you wish. We feed all boarding pets Purina EN to avoid tummy upset. Our staff monitors the appetite and urination/bowel movements of each boarded pet, and our veterinarian will be alerted if any problems are noted. Patients who are boarding and require medications will receive their meds as prescribed.

All boarding pets need to be up to date on their shots and parasite free for their own protection, and to be mindful of the safety of other boarders.

Drop off and pick up times are 7:00 am - 3:30 pm Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday. On half days, Thursday and Saturday, times are 7:00 am - 10:30 am.

Our service area includes Tuscaloosa, Moundville, Taylorville, Holt, and everywhere in between.

Contact Us

Phone: (205) 556-2626
Email: rameyvet@aol.com

After-Hours Emergency Info

If you find yourself in an emergency situation with your pet such as a car accident, trauma, or poisoning after office hours, please call:

Emergi Pet
231 McFarland Blvd.
Northport, AL 35476
Phone: (205) 752-1309