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Digital Radiography

Ramey Veterinary Hospital uses digital radiography to gather more information about different parts of your pet’s body that we can’t easily see or feel. With digital radiography, we can examine your pet’s internal structures such as bones to diagnose fractures or arthritis. We can check the stomach, intestines, and colon for foreign objects your pet may have swallowed. Chest x-rays are useful for more information about the lungs and heart. We can also look for possible bladder stones.

This technology uses a digital x-ray sensor and electrical impulses to produce the image of the patient’s body on a computer screen. This allows us to view images instantly, enhance and manipulate them for clarity, which all aids in diagnosing complex medical conditions. We can also share the images with a specialist right away if necessary.

The advantages of digital radiography over traditional x-rays includes quicker, enhanced image quality, less radiation exposure for your pets, fewer retakes, cost-effective, quick processing time, and quick sharing.

Across the board, digital radiography enables Ramey Veterinary Hospital to provide better animal care because it gives us the tools to make more accurate diagnoses and develop treatment plans.